Visual Arts

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Continuing the Creative Journey In this course students build on the skills from previous years, learning new, more advance techniques and creative ways to express themselves through their art.  They work with new and different studio areas and themes as they broaden their experiences in the Visual Arts. Studio areas could include painting, paper cut art, sculpture and printmaking. This is a year-long course allows students to explore a broad range of diverse art activities in an environment that fosters collaboration, inspires creativity, self-direction and self-expression. To round out the course, students will also explore the elements and principles of Art and Design and study artists at work

  • This is a year-long course with two lessons per week.
  • Syllabus can be located HERE

Visual Arts teaches you valuable and versatile skills through the various projects you do throughout the year. Students learn to use various mediums to make beautiful art works which they are allowed to take home once finished. Theory work allows a student to further understand the elements and principles of art and design, as well as learning about the history of art movements and famous artists. Zoe Southam  

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