Biology ATAR

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Required: Minimum C grade in Year 10 Advanced Science or B in General Science

Recommended: Minimum C grade in Year 10 Advanced Science or A in General Science

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Biological Science is an essential subject for students who wish to gain some understanding of the living world. Students will explore the major ideas related to scientific method, classification, biodiversity, ecosystem dynamics, the cell and multi-cellular organisms, conservation, heredity, continuity of life, homeostasis and disease.

ATAR Biology aims both to impart knowledge and to promote a spirit of inquiry. It involves practical work in the laboratory and in the field. This enables students to use methods of investigation that contribute to the growth of knowledge.

Understanding biological concepts, as well as general science knowledge and skills, is relevant to a range of careers, including those in medical, veterinary science, food and marine sciences, agriculture, biotechnology, environmental rehabilitation, biosecurity, quarantine, conservation and eco‐tourism. This course will also provide a foundation for students to critically consider and to make informed decisions about contemporary biological issues in their everyday lives.

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Learning about the biology makes the world around you make sense.

Cassidy Kempster

Studying Biology is a prerequisite for life.

Abbey Townsend

Year 12 Biology ATAR

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