Children, Family and the Community ATAR

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C Grade in Extended English or B Grade in Mainstream English

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The Children, Family and the Community ATAR course focuses on factors that influence human development and the wellbeing of individuals, families and communities. Students develop an understanding of the social, cultural, environmental, economic, political and technological factors which impact on the ability of individuals and families to develop skills and lead healthy lives. They recognise how promoting inclusion and diversity among individuals, families and groups in society contributes to the creation of safe, cohesive and sustainable communities.

Through the study of developmental theories, students develop an understanding of human growth and the domains of development. Students are introduced to the diverse nature and interdependence of societal groups. They develop an appreciation of how the creation of environments that promote optimal growth and development of individuals, families and communities affect and influence society as a whole. Students investigate access to, and availability of, support services and review laws and regulations that govern the provision of such support.

Students explore products, services or systems that address issues, opportunities or challenges to meet the needs of individuals, families and communities. Students consider alternative perspectives, policies and practices when working individually or collaboratively. They use a range of skills to make informed decisions and consider actions at personal, family and community levels. Students communicate and interact with children, families and community groups in practical ways. They demonstrate initiative when advocating for others about issues of inequity and injustice. Students understand that beliefs, values and ethics influence decisions made by individuals, families, communities and governments.

  • Mercedes College – Course Leaders – Top Performing Schools 2018
  • This course caters for students seeking career pathways in areas such as sociology, psychology, education, nursing, occupational therapy, community services, childcare and health.
  • Assessment Weightings
    • Investigation (20%)
    • Production (15%)
    • Response / Topic Tests (25%)
    • Examinations / Semester 1 and 2 (40%)
  • Practical activities conducted with children include child developmental theorist experiments, culture activities, language lesson (book sack production) and virtual baby experience (optional activity)
  • A fee is charged for resources. The fee for 2020 is set at $72.
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The Year 11 Children, Family and Community ATAR course proved to be more diverse than we were expecting. This course was an eye opener to many interesting things such as how a child develops in the different types of family structures found in Australia and the many influences that affect individuals in society today. The CFC course is a great experience we all thoroughly enjoy and has taught us many things we will always use throughout our lifetime.

Year 12 Children, Family and the Community ATAR

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