Chinese: Second Language ATAR

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65% or a B in Extended Chinese and apply to SCSA for permission complete a LOTE course via the application form which can be found HERE.

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The Chinese: Second Language ATAR course is designed to further develop students’ knowledge and understanding of the culture and the language of Chinese-speaking communities, providing them with opportunities to gain a broader and deeper understanding of Chinese and extend and refine their communication skills. The course focuses on the interrelationship of language and culture and equips students with the skills needed to function in an increasingly globalised society, a culturally and linguistically diverse local community, and provides them with the foundation for life-long language learning. Relevant and engaging tasks, delivered through a range of appropriate contexts and topics, develop literacy in the Chinese language as well as extend literacy development in English.

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  • This course will provide the students with the following opportunities:
    • Study tour to China
    • Participate in China Bridge Speech Competition
    • Cook Traditional Chinese food
    • Celebrate major Chinese festivals
    • To be assisted by Native Chinese Speaker during the course
  • 10% language bonus for University entrance  

The highlights of learning Chinese in Year 11 for me was to learn and understand the Chinese culture further, develop my speaking skills and being able to communicate in Chinese more confidently and clearly.

Elizabeth Moschilla

I went to China during Term 1 school holiday, which provided me with an immersive cultural experience of China. My Chinese speaking and reading skills improved greatly after the trip. This trip was the highlight of my Chinese studies.

Bethan McDonald

Year 12 Chinese: Second Language ATAR

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