English ATAR

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60% in Year 10 English Mainstream Coursework and Semester 1 Examination


50% in Year 10 English Extended Coursework and Semester 1 Examination


Successful completion of OLNA.

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The English ATAR course focuses on developing students’ analytical, creative, critical thinking and communication skills in all language modes, encouraging students to critically engage with texts from their contemporary world, the past, and from Australian and other cultures. Through close study and wide reading, viewing and listening, students develop the ability to analyse and evaluate the purpose, stylistic qualities and conventions of texts and to enjoy creating imaginative, interpretive, persuasive and analytical responses in a range of written, oral, multimodal and digital forms.

This course is organised into a Year 11 syllabus and a Year 12 syllabus. The cognitive complexity of the syllabus content increases from Year 11 to Year 12.

  • Over the past nine years, English ATAR in Mercedes College has had a median ATAR score above the CEWA (Catholic Education WA) median score
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ATAR English incorporates a variety of stimulating global issues that encourages students to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the world around them. Guided by the English Department, students work through a range of text types including film and interpretive texts. The ATAR English course offers the chance to integrate topics and subjects from our postmodern context and relate them to contexts from World War Two to futuristic settings. Students who engage themselves in this class can expect to be invigorated and gain a thirst for more.

Ruvimbo Tambiri Class of 2019

Year 12 English ATAR

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