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60% in Geography topic within Year 10 Social Sciences

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Geography is concerned with global connections, people and places, careers and wild spaces and events. It is about exploring our planet and then challenging you, the student, to find better ways to treat others and the earth.

The course aims to study physical and human aspects of the world in which we live. It aims to study the ways in which people have adapted and used this world. The Geography course has both a local and a global perspectiveIn Year 11 students will study:

  • Natural and ecological hazards through which students explore hazards and their associated risks and how they are perceived and managed at local, regional and global levels.
  • Global networks and interconnections which focuses on the process of international integration (globalisation) and the reality that we live in an increasingly interconnected world

In Year 12 student’s study Global Environmental Change and Planning Sustainable Places.

  • Mercedes College had the top Geography student in the State in 2017.
  • Year 11 Excursion- Hazard Study and Fieldwork skills at Point Peron
  • Year 11 Excursion – Global Networks and Interconnections  – Wine Industry at Olive Farm
  • Year 12 Excursion –Challenges and Planning Strategies – Perth Metropolitan – CBD to Joondalup
  • Syllabus and other SCSA documentation can be found HERE
  • The Geographical Association of Western Australia can be found HERE

Geography is a great subject, offering interesting units relating to the current world. Excursions throughout the course are not only helpful but extremely enjoyable. The support offered by Mrs Johns encourages you to strive for excellence and is another reason to consider Geography.

Geography – Jemma Middleton class of 2019

Year 12 Geography ATAR

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