Mathematics Methods ATAR

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Any grade from Extended 1 Mathematics

B grade from Extended 2 Mathematics

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The major themes of the Mathematics Methods ATAR course are calculus and statistics. They include, as necessary prerequisites, studies of algebra, functions and their graphs, and probability. Calculus is essential for developing an understanding of the physical world because many of the laws of science are relationships involving rates of change. Statistics is used to describe and analyse phenomena involving uncertainty and variation. For these reasons, this course provides a foundation for further studies in disciplines in which mathematics and statistics have important roles. It is also advantageous for further studies in the health and social sciences. This course is designed for students whose future pathways may involve mathematics and statistics and their applications in a range of disciplines at the tertiary level.

Methods challenges you to use a wide array of your mathematical knowledge to solve real world applications. I love how the fundamental principles can be used to solve a range of questions which are fun to work through.

Natasha Angelidis

Year 12 Mathematics Methods ATAR

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