Mathematics Specialist ATAR

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C grade from Extended 1 Mathematics

A grade from Extended 2 Mathematics

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The Mathematics Specialist ATAR course provides opportunities to develop rigorous mathematical arguments and proofs and to use mathematical and statistical models more extensively. Students will be able to appreciate the true nature of mathematics, its beauty and its functionality. This course has been designed to be studied in conjunction with the Mathematical Methods ATAR course. Topics include functions, calculus, probability and statistics, vectors, complex numbers and matrices.

Mathematics Specialist is aimed at students with a strong interest in mathematics, including those intending to study mathematics, statistics, all sciences and associated fields, economics or engineering at university.

Specialist is a great subject to improve not only your mathematical but also your problem-solving skills. I would highly recommend Specialist even if you are not thinking of a career that requires a high level of mathematics, as it improves the way you approach problems.

Dominique Roberts

Year 12 Mathematics Specialist ATAR

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