Physics ATAR

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Required: Minimum C grade in Year 10 Advanced Science or A in General Science with excellent results in all Physics assessments.

Recommended: Minimum B grade in Year 10 Advanced Science. Similar results in the Year 10 Extended Mathematics course. 

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Physics is a fundamental science that endeavours to explain all the natural phenomena that occur in the universe. Its power lies in the use of a comparatively small number of assumptions, models, laws and theories to explain a wide range of phenomena, from the incredibly small to the incredibly large. Students will explore the major ideas related to scientific method, ionizing radiation, nuclear reactions, electrical circuits, motion, electromagnetism, quantum theory, special relativity and the standard model.

The ATAR Physics course will provide an understanding and skills for those students who wish to pursue tertiary study in science, or careers in engineering, medicine, meteorology, environmental science, astronomy, science education and technology.

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Physics provides a greater understanding of the fundamental theories that contribute to the functioning of the world in which we live. Through a range of hands-on activities this ATAR course develops your problem solving skills and assists in the understanding of concepts relating to other subject areas, including science and mathematics. This course also widens opportunities for various university courses as it is a desirable prerequisite.

Kysharnie Mosconi, 2019

Year 12 Physics ATAR

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