Computer Graphics & Animation

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Year 9 Computer Graphics and Animation focuses on developing the fundamentals of computer graphics and an understanding of computer animation techniques. Students will apply analytical, critical and creative skills to create digital solutions. Some of the projects will include manipulating graphics, character animation, designing a corporate logo using vector graphics and animation for a commercial. Students will discuss the legal, ethical and social considerations which are interconnected in the development of digital solutions. This includes acknowledgement of intellectual property and, the intent and purpose of the copyright act. This course will provide students with a proficiency in the appropriate use of contemporary 21st century technologies. Students will use industry software, namely the Adobe suite. By successfully completing this course, it is envisaged that students will develop a stronger understanding of digital technologies and commit to continuous learning in an effort to maintain intellectual curiosity throughout life.

New course in 2022.

I have enjoyed learning new skills in various Adobe apps, such as Adobe Photoshop and Animate. It is fun to learn how animation works. For an assessment, I created my own animated character. I love the freedom this course gives to developing our own creativity. Sophia Herrington

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