Certificate II in Applied Fashion Design and Technology (MST20616)

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Certificate II in Applied Fashion Design and Technology is a nationally recognised certificate.  This qualification aims to give students an introductory overview of fashion design that connects to the world of work, further vocational education and training within the textiles, clothing, manufacturing and design environments.


National Code


Unit of Competency – core units


Nominal Hours


MSTCL2011 Draw and interpret a basic sketch 25
MSMWHS200 Work safely 26
MSS402051 Apply quality standards 30
MSMENV272 Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices 20
MSTCL2019 Sew components, complex tasks 65
MSTCL2010 Modify patterns to create basic styles 50
MSTFD2001 Design and produce a simple garment 60
MSTFD2005 Identify design process for fashion designs 30
MSTFD2006 Use a sewing machine for fashion design 70
MSTCL1001 Produce a simple garment 40
MSTGN2011 Identify fibres, fabrics & textiles used in the TCF industry 70
MSTCL2008 Finish garment production 20
MSTCL2002 Provide hand sewing and finishing support 20

Please Note:

These hours are nominal and do not reflect actual hours of required study by a student. The certificate is attainable over two years of study and is equivalent to one subject selection in Year 11 and one in Year 12.

  • Possible occupations include those within the fashion design and garment manufacturing industry, retail and marketing, along with costume design in the entertainment industry through WAAPA.
  • Your Certificate and/or Statement of Attainment for successfully completed units will be recognised by any Polytechnic College or other Registered Training Organisation nationally.
  • A fee is charged for resources and consumables. The fee for 2020 is set at $72. This fee may be subject to change.
  • Link to training.gov.au Certificate II in Applied Fashion Design and Technology can be found HERE.


It’s a good break from ATAR courses but still highly structured.  It’s also perfect if you are interested in the fashion industry or costume design for the movies. You do need to be open to learning new things, as it is different to any other subject I have done; more hands on and skills based rather than theory based and enables us to use the creative side of our brains.

Certificate II in Applied Fashion Design and Technology

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