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Emphasis will be given to Chinese syntactical structures that are different from English structures. Course time used to develop reading and writing skills will be increased. Students practice extensively in oral communications and write simple phrases, sentences, and messages by using no less than 450 Chinese Characters.

Students will continue learning about Chinese Festivals to enhance their understanding of Chinese culture. Classroom activities are related to the real world and include developing and awareness of acceptable behaviour in Chinese Culture. They will explore some of the traditional activities that people love in China, such as Tai Chi, Chinese shuttlecock as well as writing calligraphy.

Topics studied as part of this unit include:

Semester 1 (My life 我的生活)

  •  My clothes
  •  Shopping and Bargaining
  •  Phone Calls
  • Eating out

Semester 2 (Chinese Youth 中国青年)

  • Visiting a Chinese family/friend
  • My school
  • Weather and seasons
  • Getting around the city
  • Syllabus and other SCSA documentation can be found HERE
  • This is a year-long course with 2 lessons per week.
  • Prerequisite for: Chinese in Year 10, 11 and 12 and the Languages Bonus of 10%

  • This course will provide the students with the following opportunities:

    • Eligible for Yr 10 Chinese
    • Study Tour to China in Year 10
    • Cook Traditional Chinese food
    • Celebrate major Chinese festivals
    • To be assisted by Native Chinese Speaker during the course
    • 10% Language ATAR for University Entrance
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The highlight of Year 9 Chinese was being immersed into the Chinese culture, such as learning to make dumplings and eating spring rolls for celebrating Chinese New Year. I also really enjoyed games we played in class which helped us to memorise and study the Chinese language in a fun and interactive way.

Mai Lam 

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