Commerce (Business & Technology)

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This course is designed to give students a hands-on experience in the world of business, whilst developing students’ entrepreneurial and critical thinking skills. The use of technology is incorporated into everyday personal and business tasks such as banking, investing, borrowing, personal taxation, budgeting, branding and market research. Students will visit a local business to gain an understanding of how the 4Ps of marketing are put into practise. Students will identify real-world problems and use this as the basis to develop a business plan for their own enterprise. Students can enter various competitions where their own business pitch or plan is presented. This course allows students to explore business and finance concepts in a fun, practical manner that will help them in their personal lives and future careers.

Competitions: Students may have the opportunity to enter the Plan Your Own Enterprise competition in which a business plan is submitted to a panel of judges.Excursions: Students may have the opportunity to visit a local business and speak to the owner and/or manager about the running of the business.

In Semester 1 this year, we have been given the freedom to create a business concept of our own choice. In a team we have worked through the process that is essential in getting a product out to market. We are looking forward to learning about marketing in the second half of this year. Grace Modica & Lynn Bui

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