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Designer and Maker In this course students will explore a variety of production methods including, laser cutting, 3D printing, manual construction and thermoforming to design and make original products. They will learn to use Adobe Illustrator software to create vector graphics and will be taught how to create 3D models using a variety of software including Tinkercad, Meshmixer and Adobe Photoshop. They will work through the design process and produce working products fit for sale, using a combination technologies. Products could include jewellery and fashion accessories, functional products such as lamps, radios and homewares, screen printed t-shirts and product packaging. The students will work for a hypothetical client and design for specific needs. To round out the course, we will explore the importance of Design in society and study designers at work.

  • This course uses the Technologies Curriculum, Design and Technologies in a Materials and Technologies Specialisations context.
  • This is a year-long course with two lessons per week.
  • Syllabus location is HERE

Design in Year Nine involves creating and experimenting with projects that are unique and allow for development of personal style through experimenting and problem solving. Design offers a hands-on experience with working with digital technology to create physical items. It aids in development in problem solving, creativity and working with briefs to prepare for Year 10 and ATAR Design. Emily Brown

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