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The Drama course offers students an opportunity to develop confidence in communication in both individual and group situations, and to enrich their lives by satisfying the need for creative and imaginative outlets for expression. It caters for a wide range of students in a manner which is both practical and fun. This year-long course is studied 2 periods a week and follows the Year 8 course. Using the elements of drama, students will learn about themselves and others while developing their ability to share and communicate within a cooperative process. It is designed to develop and extend skills in creating and sustaining dramatic action and characterisation. Through the process of improvisation students develop scripts for performance and explore a variety of styles and forms of drama. By the end of the year they will perform a short monologue with sustained characterisation. This course is designed to develop student skills and/or understanding in the areas of:

  • Voice and movement techniques
  • Improvisation skills
  • Exaggeration in melodrama and soap opera
  • Realism in characterisation and performance style
  • Playbuilding techniques
  • Characterisation in varied performance styles
  • Text analysis and performance
  • Development of script
  • Commedia dell’Arte (and mask making)
  • Basic stage craft
  • Monologues
  • Working with design elements such as lighting, sound, costume, sets and props
  • Syllabus and other SCSA documentation can be found HERE

I love Year 9 Drama because you have the opportunity to express yourself creatively. We get to explore other people’s lives by being different characters whose lives are sometimes very different from ours. I love working in groups with my peers, having fun, building confidence and creating performances together. Heidi Graves, current Year 9 Drama student

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