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Only accessible to students who are yet to achieve the WACE Numeracy requirement.

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In the Mathematics Foundation course, the emphasis is on developing students’ capacity, disposition and confidence to use functional numeracy in their personal life and workplace. The Mathematics Foundation course uses a practical approach and provides students with a variety of opportunities to apply mathematical concepts across a range of everyday situations. Topics include number, measurement, data (gathering, representing, interpreting, and analysing), spatial sense and geometric reasoning, and chance processes.

Students will identify and organise mathematical information, choose the appropriate mathematics to complete a task, apply mathematical knowledge, tools and strategies to complete the task, represent and communicate mathematical conclusions, and reflect on mathematical results in order to judge the reasonableness of the conclusions reached.

This course is designed for students who have not demonstrated the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) standard of numeracy. This standard (based on Level 3 of the Australian Core Skills Framework) outlines the skills required for individuals to meet the demands of everyday life and work in a knowledge-based economy.

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Mathematics Foundation gave me the skills required to be able to complete my OLNA and move up to the Mathematics Essential course.

Sienna Lee

Year 12 Mathematics Foundations

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