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This course is designed for students learning French as a second language

Semester 1: Les fêtes! – Celebrations!

Les fêtes is a phrase that can mean party, a holiday or a festival. This semester the focus is on the many festivals and/or celebrations which form part of the French way of life.

One task will be to organise the ideal fête –food, drinks, location and invitation

Semester 2: En vacances! Bon voyage! – On Holidays! Have a good trip!

Holidays and travelling around French-speaking countries are the main themes of this
Semester’s course. Students look at French holiday activities and how these compare to their own.

This would include describing French cities, transport, weather, blog/postcard writing, posting and booking on line, and conversing at the train station.

One task will be to travel to France on a virtual tour and create an iBook recounting their adventures.

  • Syllabus and other SCSA documentation can be found HERE
  • This is a year-long course with 2 lessons per week.
  • Prerequisite for: French in Year 10, 11 and 12 and the Languages Bonus of 10%
  • This course will provide the student with the following opportunities:
    • Yr 9 ALC competitions
    • Eligible for Yr 10 French
    • Study Tour to France or Reunion Island in Years 10 and 11
    • Hosting an Exchange Student from France in Year 10
    • NACEL Exchange Programme to France in Year 10 or Yr 11, click on link for more information
    • French Language Assistants providing language and cultural support in our classes
    • Alliance Française – State Wide Examinations in Years 10-12
    • 10% Language Bonus for university entrance
  • Why study French? Click on this LINK.

The highlight was having easy access to our teacher or the French assistant when we needed help with our work. Learning how to travel around France and learning the different cultures was also very enjoyable. I enjoyed creating our own postcards and organising our own party and getting to eat a French lunch which was delicious.

Zoe Woodman

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