Food Science and Technology General

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The General Food Science and Technology course focuses on the sensory and physical properties of food that influence the consumption of raw and processed foods. Students investigate balanced diets, the function of nutrients in the body and apply nutrition concepts that promote healthy eating. They also examine the health and environmental issues that arise from lifestyle choices and investigate factors which influence the purchase of locally produced commodities.  

Students will also study the supply of staple foods and identify the factors, including processing systems, that affect the sensory and physical properties of staple foods. Students will explore the food sources and the role of macronutrients and water for health, as well as nutrition-related health conditions, such as coeliac disease and lactose intolerance. Students learn the factors that influence food choices and the importance of food and beverage labelling requirements in protecting consumer health.  

Students will have the opportunity to devise food products, interpret and adapt recipes to prepare healthy meals that meet individual needs. They will demonstrate a variety of mise-en-place and precision cutting skills, and processing techniques to ensure that safe food handling practices prevent food contamination. Students will recognise the importance of using appropriate equipment, accurate measurement and work individually and in teams to generate food products and systems. 

  • Assessment Weightings
    • Investigation (30%)
    • Production (60%)
    • Response (10%)
  • A fee is charged for resources and ingredients. The fee for 2020 is set at $162.
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General Foods Science and Technology is an informative and enjoyable course. Each theory lesson provides an engaging insight on the properties, processes and by-products of different food commodities.  The practical lessons have expanded our skill set in the kitchen through the preparation of delicious recipes.

Simona Rocca

Year 12 Food Science and Technology General

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