Religion and Life General

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Religion and Life is a compulsory subject at Mercedes College. Students must choose between ATAR or General Religion and Life.

There no prerequisites for Religion and Life General.

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Throughout Year 11 and 12, the Religion and Life General course provides students with opportunities to learn about religion and explores the relationships between religion, society and individuals. It examines the nature of religion and how it offers individuals and their communities an understanding of the world around them. Students develop an understanding of ways in which people discover, understand and express their religious beliefs. They explore one or more religions and investigate the characteristics of religion, origins, foundations, cultural influences and development over time. They analyse the role religion has played in human affairs and explore issues of concern to religion. Through the Religion and Life General course, students learn skills that will enable them to understand the role religion plays in society and in the lives of people. They use a range of primary and secondary sources and employ a variety of methods to investigate information. These methods include research, observation, analysis, and discussion.

  • There are 3 types of assessments in the Religion and Life General course. These include:
    • Investigation 30-40%
    • Explanation 30-40%
    • Source Analysis 30-40%
  • Syllabus and other SCSA documentation can be found HERE

General Religion and Life is one of the many subjects which many people enjoy, including us, because it allows us to expand our knowledge through understanding the ways of God and life in general. Our class connects through the discussions of world issues which bring up new ideas and new views on issues related to the topics we explore. All of our topics will and have helped us deepen our faith, develop our individual vocations and have a greater understanding of the world around us.

Bianca Jervis and Chiara Adams, current Year 12 General Religion and Life students.

Year 12 Religion and Life General

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