Physical and Outdoor Education Studies

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The Physical and Outdoor Education course is designed as an extension of the General Physical Education programme focusing on enhancing lifelong enjoyment and involvement in an active and healthy lifestyle. Students will engage in two terms of Physical Education Studies units and two terms of Outdoor Education units.
The practical component focuses on broadening and developing students’ fundamental movement skills, knowledge, and attitudes in a variety of physical activities, including individual, team and outdoor activities. It is intended that the programme will also enable students to make responsible decisions about physical activity and safety in relation to their own and others’ health and wellbeing.
The theory component explores Issues in Sport and International Games to broaden student knowledge and understanding of sport in different contexts. Completing this course successfully will build the fundamentals of knowledge and skills necessary to enter the Physical Education Studies or Outdoor Education courses in Year 10.

Physical and Outdoor Education Studies Program Overview 2022 – Year 9 


Unit  Focus  Assessment 
Kayaking  Students learn the basics of kayaking. Students will focus on correct paddling technique and manoeuvring their craft with confidence.  20% – Skills Assessment  
Outdoor Injuries and Awareness  Students learn about injuries and illnesses that can occur in the outdoors. Students investigate hazards and risks, risk management plans and how to treat injuries.  20% – Theory Assessment  
Netball  Students develop their skills and knowledge of netball. With a key focus on developing confidence and tactics in a variety of positions, students will consolidate their understanding in preparation for ATAR practical studies.  20% – Skills Assessment  
Issues in Sport  With a specific focus on drugs in sport and media in sport students explore different Issues in Sport.  NIL 
Ultimate Frisbee  Students focus on learning the fundamental skills involved in Ultimate Frisbee. Students develop strategic skills and tactical skills to create, use and defend space.    20% – Skills Assessment  
International Games  Students investigate different international games and sports to broaden their understanding and knowledge.  20% – Theory Assessment  
Self Defence  Students build confidence and develop skills in the basics of self defence.  NIL 
Bike Riding  Students learn the basics of bike riding and develop cardiovascular endurance by riding bikes in East Perth.  NIL 

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