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Designing with Textiles In this year long course students will have the opportunity to make a selection of items demonstrating self-expression. They will learn basic design techniques with a focus on sustainability, use a variety of today’s fabrics and equipment, investigate historical and cultural trends in fabrics and fashion all whilst developing their creative design ideas.

Practical activities include:

  • Practical Storage Sack
  • Woven Cushion Cover
  • Designer Beach Bag
  • A Rock ‘n Roll skirt for the Social!
  • Teddy Bear
  • Undertaken for two periods per week

Throughout Textiles this year, we have made some amazing projects, such as our own cushion covers and personalised beach bags. Textiles is my favourite elective because of the creative nature of the subject, as well as having the opportunity to make our own useful items. Charlee Thornett

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